Product Data

Smarter, Faster Categorisation, Data Cleansing and Enrichment

As an eCommerce manager, you know that findable and rich product data generates more sales. All this data needs to be organised in the right categories, with the right attributes, to ensure you get maximum viewings. And that’s exactly where Arti can help.

But that’s not all

Enriched product data is simpler to find – making it faster and easier for shoppers to find the exact item they want to buy.

Capable of handling vast amounts of product data, Arti is an AI powered platform that automates and streamlines data cleansing, categorisation and enrichment tasks.

And, if you want to market your products via online marketplaces, Arti can help with that too.

Introducing you Arti

Specially trained to categorise, cleanse and enrich your product information, Arti eliminates time consuming and expensive manual tasks.

Arti gives you

A faster time to market

Improved product data

Significant cost reduction

Increased conversion rates

With over two years’ experience in multiple product categories, Arti can also classify your content more accurately. Arti can also come up with new categories to improve the customer experience.

Utilising intuitive machine learning algorithms, Arti provides science-driven recommendations on the right categories to target when selling products through web shops and other online marketplaces.

Based on your product content, Arti suggest the right categories – and continually checks these categories are still the right ones to give your products maximum exposure.

The Data Challenge

Product information often comes from multiple disparate sources – including your own ERP system and those of your suppliers. But this product data is not always appropriate for sales purposes and will certainly not be uniformly classified. And that will have an impact on sales conversions.

As a first step, let Arti clean up, categorize, enrich and update your product database.

After which Arti is on hand to automatically categorize and classify content – or come up with alternatives – mapping these to your webshop as well as marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Because Arti is a self-learning machine trained to help you, the more input you provide – then the smarter Arti gets. And that means you’ll gain maximum results.

Alongside data cleansing and enriching your product data attributes, Arti can be tasked to undertake many other jobs. So, if you have more ideas about what you’d like to do with your product data – just ask us to help you.

What Arti will do in the near future in the eCommerce landscape?

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About Artifam

Founded in 2016, Artifam consists of teams of people who are specialists in Artificial Intelligence and eCommerce.

Dedicated to helping companies leverage product data to achieve commerce success, we understand that the better a product is described, the more likely it is it will be found by interested buyers.

But that’s just the start of the story. Because if you want to sell your products via marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and others – then you need to be certain your product details are mapped to the right classifications and labels utilised by these market places.

Dedicated to automating this entire process, Artifam can make a big difference without an impact on your existing architectural landscape. It’s why we’ve developed a frictionless process that involves a simple down and upload CSV or an API to your product database.

If you’d like to take commerce to the next level, why not ask Arti what it can do with your product data.

So Arti can also take care of your marketplace products

If you also want to sell your products in Marketplaces like Amazon, EBAY, and many others, Arti will make sure the product details will be mapped to the right classification of the market places.

Arti will save you a lot of effort: correct mistakes and optimizes the conversion.

Ask Arti what it can do with your product data.

How does the service work?

Simply send us your file containing product data via an upload button and we’ll hand it over to Arti to process.

We may ask you to guide Arti if he has some questions – after all, the more he is trained, the better results he’ll give.

After he’s done, we’ll send you the updated database or offer you a download button.

We can also connect to your existing PIM – Product database with an API to enable a continuous loop of enrichment.

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